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The basic idea

Thank you for visiting this site.  Chances are, you won't find what you want - because it is specific and individual to you and your organisation.  That's what we like, so please let's start a dialogue.

Think local

Waghorn Partnership has been involved with some of the best employers in the south west of England but we rarely operate further afield.  Travel means more expense, less sustainability and weaker relationships but some clients have tempted us successfully.

Small is beautiful

Waghorn Partnership provides services to smaller organisations, typically employing 25 - 250 people.  We have done work for big players (central government, FTSE100) but most satisfaction is derived from being close to the cutting edge.

Unrepentant generalists

Waghorn Partnership is generalist but strategic.  This means we endeavour to understand the relationships and complexities across a wide range of functions, yet our heads are always tilted up towards the horizon.  Converting functional problems into strategic solutions.  Though generalist in outlook, we know more than a little about Governance, Business Planning, HR, Marketing, Finance and How-to-make-the-tea.

No smile no fee

Waghorn Partnership is neither philanthropic nor altruistic.  We charge in any way we can, but only if you are happy - see what others think.  We will bind ourselves into obligations to perform, but we don't want you to do the same - you have complete control so our relationship can end when you want with no penalty.  At the outset, we listen and talk until both sides are clear about what is required and that bit is free.

Waghorn Partnership is a provider of know-how and external objectivity; it is easiest to describe what we might do for you in three broad categories:

  • People:  getting good people to do great things - human resources in all its glory.
  • Workplace:  structuring available resources to achieve your goals - organisational management.
  • Customers:  finding more loyal users and buyers for you to satisfy in more ways.

But these are simply pigeon-holes that we have pushed our work into - it's likely that your perspective will be different. Whatever your perceived need, we will only offer to help if we believe we are the right people.  And if we're not, we will make a big effort to point you in a suitable direction.